RePj project is helping a new generation of Jordanian scholars and cultural resource managers working in early prehistoric research. The focus is on Jordanian engagement, developing Jordanian skills, policies, and procedures to research and manage prehistory and fostering a new research environment with Jordanian perspectives and agendas.

 The project is developing a new research center in Wadi Faynan, providing resources for archaeological research.

 The project is engaging the wider Jordanian public with prehistory, where a lack of local interest translates into a lack of protection for prehistoric sites. We want to raise the profile of prehistory, and show how relevant it is to modern life in the origins of herding, farming, and water management, all vital to modern Jordanian society. We want to show this is a human and local story, not just academic and global.

 The main objectives of our project are:

  • 1.     Establish the Faynan Centre for Prehistoric Research to support prehistoric research in Jordan
  • 2.     Create a better-informed public and local community engagement, through open days, a popular book, and targeted media outreach
  • 3.     Increase the social and economic benefits to the local community, through direct local expenditure from research center users and the promotion of prehistoric tourism within Jordan and in the international tourism market
  • 4.     Support digitization and the use of technology in the interpretation, presentation, and conservation of cultural heritage.
  • 5.    Promote and popularize prehistoric research more widely through open days, production of a non-academic book, and use of targeted media outreach