The project is led by two Principal Investigators, Sahar al-Khassawneh from Yarmouk University, and Bill Finlayson from Oxford Brookes, with Sam Smith also from Oxford Brookes as Co-Principal Investigator. Ahmad Lash represents the Department of Antiquities who are a Project Partner.


Bill Finlayson, Professor of Prehistoric Environment and Society in the Department of Social Sciences at Oxford Brookes University, has been working on Jordanian prehistoric material since he studied the flint tools of Jebel Naja. He began to conduct fieldwork in 1994, leading to the discovery of the site of Wadi Faynan 16 in 1996. He was Director of the Council for British Research in the Levant from 1999 to 2018, living in Amman until 2011. He has conducted excavations at the Neolithic sites of WF16, Dhra’, Beidha, and Sharara, working with a number of partners. In 2000 he commenced a community project at Beidha, in the Petra world heritage site, working on conservation, site presentation, and experimental archaeology.



Sahar al Khasawneh, Head of the Department of Conservation and Management of Cultural Resources in the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology at Yarmouk University. Sahar is a scientist who is specialized in absolute dating techniques for archaeological and geological materials. She had finished her Ph.D. from Free University Berlin in 2015 and had joined the faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology, Yarmouk University since 2016. In addition to her specialization in luminescence dating, she is focusing on widening the applications of nuclear techniques for characterization and conservation of Jordanian cultural heritage. Since 2018, she is the coordinator for two international projects with the IAEA in nuclear techniques in Archaeology




 Sam is Reader in anthropology at Oxford Brookes University, UK, and co-Investigator on the Rewriting the Prehistory of Jordan project.  Sam's main research interests are in prehistoric material culture, especially stone tools, and the long term interactions between humans and their environments. Sam first worked in Jordan in 1999, helping to excavate the early Neolithic (PPNA) site of WF16 in Wadi Faynan. Since this time Sam has worked on many prehistoric sites across Jordan, although most of his research has focussed on the Early Neolithic in southern Jordan.




 Ahmad Lash is the Head of the Archaeological Loans and external cooperation Sector, in the Excavation and Survey Directorate, at the Department of Antiquities of Jordan. He worked on a wide variety of projects in archaeology and heritage throughout the country. He is ahead of Roots project, he has been closely involved in the development of the MEGA Jordan database system, and he led the restoration and excavations at the “desert castles” sites of Al-Azraq, Amra , Tuba, Mushatta and Qastal in addition to other excavation and survey projects in Amman, Zarqa, Petra, and Wadi Rum.