Courses combine hands-on training, theory, and a review of the literature. The hands-on training is on real research materials, stored in the Research Centre from recent prehistoric excavations, making clear the direct link between the course and active research. Training includes small group projects, undertaking the analysis of artifacts. By the end of each course, trainees gain familiarity in the subject matter and a combination of practical skills and increased critical awareness of Jordanian early prehistory. 

The core of the training is the delivery of a number of one week, small class, residential courses, coupled with a number of site visits.

1) Research skills/publication

2) Post excavation triage
3) Chipped stone
4) Use Wear analysis

5) Ground stone
6) Pottery
7) Palaeoenvironments/organics (flotation, sampling strategies for techniques including archaeobotany, zooarchaeology, stable isotope, and aDNA analysis).


Participants will also undertake projects, and a final residential week will be spent working on these with close support.

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